For Garden Sheds, Aviaries and Fowl-houses.

  • What Size Garden Shed best meets your storage needs?
  • What height of wall do you require for storage or access? 1.78m, 1.98m or 2.1m
  • What type of door would be best suited? Single Hinged, Double Hinged or Sliding.
  • Do you require a window fitted to the shed?
  • Do you require any skylights in the roof? Where would they be best suited for light?
  • Do you require any options? Shelving, Bike hooks.
  • What type of floor would be best suited for the shed? Concrete Floor, Timber or Pavers.
  • Do you require a planning and building permit? Any building over 20 square metres will require a building permit. Please check with you local planning department at the council.
  • Is the building to be constructed over an easement? If so you will require permission from the water board and/or the local council.
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