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The Federation Heritage Range this model brings the Charm and Elegance of a past era to your yard or garden. Federation sheds include authentic heritage features of a Traditional Steep Pitched Roof, decorative trims and overhanging gables.










The heritage roof garden shed product is great for those who prefer the old world look and design. The higher pitched roof and the option of finials at the peak of the pitch give the shed a classic touch. The shed can come in either a standard or steel frame construction, although due to the higher pitched roof, extra wall height is not available. All other door and window options are available though. Standard wall height of 1950mm is 150mm higher than the standard construction, with the height to the tip of the gable up to 2.63m. All of the great features are in our heritage roof garden shed range, including the superior N4 wind rating as well as the unique basesmart technology that prevents premature corrosion at the base of the shed.

We offer a great colour range. Choose from 12 colours or a zinc finish, or mix and match between two or more colours!

Please note the colours below are approximate shades only and should not be used for colour matching.

Pricing for Heritage Roof Garden Sheds

Sydney Pricing

Heritage Roof Models Note these are Panel Form Sheds Walls are Pre-made
Model Width x Depth Wall 1.95m High Delivery Sydney Area Installation on Existing Floor
CHG152152 1.52m x 1.52m $780 $95 $300
CHG152226 1.52m x 2.26m $910 $95 $300
CHG226152 2.26m x 1.52m $965 $120 $375
CHG226226 2.26m x 2.26m $1100 $120 $375
CHG300152 3.00m x 1.52m $1150 $120 $400
CHG300226 3.10m x 2.26m $1280 $120 $400
CHG374152 3.74m x 1.52m $1330 $120 $400
CHG374226 3.74m x 2.26m $1465 $120 $400
CHG448152 4.48m x 1.52m $1730 $120 $475
CHG448226 4.48m x 2.26m $1865 $120 $475
CHG522152 5.22m x 1.52m $1920 $150 $475
CHG522226 5.22m x 2.26m $2050 $150 $475
CHG596152 5.96m x 1.52m $2100 $150 $475
CHG596226 5.96m x 2.26m $2235 $150 $475
CHG670152 6.70m x 1.52m $2280 $175 $500
CHG670226  6.70m x 2.26m $2470 $175 $500
CHG744152 7.44m x 1.52m $2475 $175 $500
CHG744226 7.44m x 2.26m $2600 $175 $500
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