Steel Chief Skillion Roof Models

The skillion roof garden shed is a very popular design with the angled roof allowing water to run off into a desired location. The height of the front wall in a standard construction is 1950mm, falling to 1800mm at the back wall. You can add extra wall height, either 150mm or 300mm, or we can custom make for your requirements. The door comes standard in the higher front panel but can be moved to the back wall if you want the roof to slope away from a structure such as the house. The skillion roof sheds come with all the great SteelChief features, including the unique basesmart technology and the superior N4 wind rating.

You can upgrade your skillion roof garden shed to either a steel framed shed for additional strength, or for those who prefer a more traditional look we have the Corrugated Shed.

Steel Chief offer a great colour range. Choose from 12 colours or a zinc finish, or mix and match between two or more colours! Please note the colours below are approximate shades only and should not be used for colour matching. Visit your local distributor for actual colour samples.

Pricing for Skillion Roof Garden Sheds

The tables below show prices for Skillion roof garden sheds Supply Only. Ensure that you are viewing the right table depending on your location so you get an accurate price. These prices exclude delivery and installation which can be arranged. Contact the office for assistance.

Sydney Pricing

If you are located in Sydney and require arrangements for installation then simply talk to one of our reps at our stores.


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