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Oldfields Treco Sheds Accessories

Ozzie Garden Sheds offers a wide array of accessories to complement any sized shed.

Door glidesOldfields Treco Door Glides $40.00



Shovel and Tool Holders: $45.00 ea








One or Two shelving units can be fitted to your rear walls.

Gable Roof and Flat Roof Models

Model No. Shelf Dimensions Pricing
S6 6′ Wide1.68m x 0.30m $75.00 ea
S8 8′ Wide2.30m x 0.30m $95.00 ea
S10 10′ Wide2.93m x 0.30m $120.00 ea

Flat Roof and Lean Too Models

Model No. Shelf Dimensions Pricing
S4 4′ Wide1.10m x 0.30m $60.00 ea
S5 5′ Wide1.360m x 0.30m $70.00 ea
Note: To order, place number of shelves at the end of the model number e.g. for 2 shelves for an 8′ shed, the model number becomes S82.


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