Workshop 2.0 metre Wall Height Sizes and Pricing Listed Below


Large Width Shed Range (3.07m wide)

The large 3.07m wide garden shed allows for ease of access due to the large door openings. With the heavy duty entry/exit ramps it makes the shed ideal for many uses.



The spacious workshop range has tremendous head height clearance. The wall height is 2.0m and the gable height is 2.25m which is ideal for the serious handyman. The workshop range comes with heavy duty framing on all sheds. Also comes Standard with Double Internal Sliding Doors opening 1.290m.


Colours available:

Slate Grey, Mist Green with Smooth Cream roof and Doors.


Specifications: Large Size Portal Frame Sheds Note : Prices are not to be Used With Any Other Offer

Roof Imperial

Roof and Slab Metric

Gable Height

Wall Height

Base Dimensions

Double Sliding Doors Opening

Single Hinged Door Opening

Colours Available

10 x 15

3.07m x 4.64m



     2.95m                x            4.54m



Slate Grey Mist Green

10 x 19

3.07m x 5.88m



      2.95m                     x              5.78m



Mist Green

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