Skillion Roof

The Skillion Roof range is the ideal storage solution were space is limited. This shed is ideal for storing all your garden tools, power tools, ladders, bikes and lawn mowers.

Lean To

Lean To Garden ShedThe advantage of this style is the hinged door can be conveniently located on any side of this shed. This allows you to control the run off.

Colours available:
Mist Green with Smooth Cream Roof and Doors

Specifications: Skillion Roof Sheds Note : Prices are not to be Used With Any Other Offer

Roof Imperial

Roof and Slab Metric

High Wall Height

Low Wall Height

Base Dimensions

Single Hinged Door

Door Opening

Colours Available

6′ x 5′

1.83m x 1.54m



     1.73m                x            1.44m



Mist Green Walls

8 x 5

2.45m x 1.54m



      2.33m                     x              1.448m



Mist Green Walls

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